How Many Days Until

The Brief
A personal project initially to show the days remaining until Christmas. The idea grew into selecting any future or past date to see the days until or since.

The Process
As a personal project, and with Christmas on the way, I wanted to get the page up and running quickly. I started by coding the core JavaScript function to prove the concept. The basic page calculated the days from a basic input element, added the calendar plug-in and displayed the result. Once this was in place, I then began trying to find a style for the page.

I went through a few iterations of the look and feel before I settled on one. I wanted the background image to change depending on the date the user inputs and the easiest way to do that was to change the background colour. The top layer has alpha transparency to show the colour change underneath and give the impression on season change.

Of course, the site had to be usable on mobile devices so responsive design was a consideration from the start. The user gets the same experience on all devices.

I wanted to add a little animation to the site, so I made the result pop up from below. I found that this bit of animation made the user want to try more dates and stay longer.

How Many Days previous iterations
How Many Days previous iterations