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Aerospace, Defence & Security and Energy Technical Subject Dashboards
My Role
User Testing
User Stories
Functional Wireframes
Front-end Coding
.NET implementation

The Brief
The project owner wanted pages of curated information on a range of topics such as countries, defence equipment and company information. The pages would contain links to the source material, in-depth analysis and web apps with tools to analyse the data.

The Process
The process started with paper prototyping concepts for the pages. The information had to be bite sized with enough information to get an overview of the topic. This meant the information had to be displayed in a way that could be scanned easily. Using personas, site maps, use cases and scenarios it was decided that these pages could be used as a starting point for the users research. The information could be modified to remove unneeded information and show the users relevant information more prominently.

I prototyped a dashboard built with cards of information that could be rearranged by dragging and dropping the cards. A menu of possible cards on the left that could be expanded on to the page.

This design was wireframed in Axure with some basic interactions to get approval from the project owner.

Once the design was approved, I started making a functioning prototype in the browser using the pattern library. I built the drag and drop functionality, expanding and collapsing cards, and saving the position of the cards using Local Storage.

The page had to be responsive down to phone size with all functionality working on all devices.

The Result
Initially country and company and equipment dashboards were rolled out. Equipment dashboards were added in the next release and the dashboard framework was used on other pages on the site, including the homepage.

IHS Dashboard
IHS Dashboard
IHS Dashboard
IHS Dashboard
IHS Dashboard